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CineMassive Trio 30P
The CineMassive Trio 30P offers the flexibility you want and outstanding performance you need. Imagine being surrounded by over 12 million pixels; the equivalent to six 19” displays. Thanks to the Trio 30P design, you will be able to immerse yourself into your work. Designers, CGI animators, engineers, photographers and power users alike will truly appreciate the quality of this array. Pair this with a Radius Workstation to fully optimize your desktop.
  • Total Diagonal Size: 77.96"
  • Total Display Resolution: 7680 x 1600
  • Viewing Angle: 178° Vert., 178° Hor.
  • Backlight: LED
  • System Requirements: 3 DVI or 3 HDMI or 3 DisplayPort
  • Compatible with Laptop and Desktop PC's and Mac
  • Warranty: 3 Years
  • CM-DES-TRIO-30P-X5
  • Promotion
    Includes Exclusive & Unparralleled CineMassive Multi-Monitor Software Suite
    The CineMassive multi monitor Software Suite is composed of CineMastery and CineMatrix and is designed to enhance the Windows interface for multi monitor use. Each component in the CineMassive multi monitor Software suite delivers a unique and profound upgrade to Windows' integrated screen management functions.
    CineMastery will allow you to quickly send applications to any screen, set application shortcuts to assign a precise location and proportion for any application as it opens on your array. CineMastery's Multi-Taskbar extends the standard Windows taskbar into each of your array's screens and allows only that screen's applications to appear on that screen's taskbar.

    Use CineMatrix to quickly and easily organize the placement and proportion of each of your open applications. With CineMatrix you can simply press a single hotkey and your entire set of open applications will be instantly sorted and arranged into a perfectly aligned mosaic.

    Includes Comprehensive Installation and User Guide
    Every CineMassive Displays multi-screen display includes a comprehensive installation manual and multi-monitor user's guide. This resource is designed to allow any customer, whether novice or expert, to quickly and easily setup, install and optimize his PC and array for optimal performance and usability. The manual will guide you from the very beginning of the process down through to particular tips and tweaks to enhance Windows for multi-monitor use.

    Includes Self-Paced Multi-Monitor Video Tutorials
    Self-Paced Multi-Monitor Video Tutorials are included with every order on the array companion CD. These videos will guide you to multi-monitor proficiency through a thoughtful and easy to follow series of narrated demonstrations covering key concepts and features of your new multi-monitor display. A CineMassive Displays expert technician will show you exactly how to setup, optimize and maintain your system. This can be particularly valuable for our customers considering large-scale deployments.

    Application Tile Mode
    With a CineMassive Multi-Screen Display you can easily array any assortment of applications in any configuration you wish. The most popular method of application placement is called 'Tile Mode' in which the natural partitions between each screen is used to organize your workspace into discrete zones or 'tiles'. Typically, a single application or set of applications is setup to run within the boundaries of each panel as seen in the Trio Gemini 24TW array above.

    Application Span Mode
    In Application Span Mode your applications will span across multiple screens while remaining fully operational across the boundaries of your discrete panels. Most Windows applications are compatible with Span Mode.

    Flawless Microsoft Office Compatibility
    The CineMastery software suite is compatible with Microsoft Office applications. In fact, many applications within the Office suite actually contain hidden multi-monitor features that become activated once your system recognizes that a multi-screen display is connected Take a look at our Multiple Monitors and Microsoft Office article in our multi-monitor resources portal for an in-depth examination of how you can take full advantage of your Microsoft Office applications in your new multi-monitor environment.

    Integrated Cable Management
    All CineMassive multi-screen displays allow you to elegantly route all video and power cabling across the mount frame and out of sight to maintain a clean and clutter free workspace.

    Independent Panel Adjustment
    Each panel on your array can be articulated independently and in any direction. No tools required - use your fingertip to tilt, yaw and even rotate each panel 360 degrees. Quickly switch from Portrait Mode to Landscape Mode on the fly

    Free Multi-Monitor Wallpaper
    Every CineMassive array includes access to our archive of the best multi-monitor wallpaper available. Nothing enhances the beauty of your desktop like a multi-million pixel high-quality wallpaper background.

    Seamlessly integrates with CineMassive Radius Multi-Monitor Computers
    The CineMassive Radius and Radius Elite platforms are purpose built for Multi-Monitor computing and seamlessly integrate with CineMassive Mutli Monitor Arrays. When bundled with an array, your system will be preconfigured to the array selected, insuring a turn-key experience with no end user setup required.

    Industry-Best Warranty
    The CineMassive Displays Warranty is among the worlds most comprehensive and robust. We are dedicated to delivering not just the worlds best multi-screen display, but also the optimal multi-screen display experience.

    Dedicated Account Managers
    CineMassive Displays' believes in personalized customer service. Your account manager can assist you with sales, upgrades, tech support, and troubleshooting - anything that might come up during ownership of your array.

    Zero Dead Pixels Guaranteed
    CineMassive multi-monitor displays exceed industry standards by such a wide margin that we can actually guarantee zero dead pixels. Whereas our competitors tolerate up to 14 dead pixels per panel, a CineMassive Display is guaranteed to be flawless and dead-pixel free upon receipt or we will use the Advanced Replacement Service to exchange your flawed panel for a new one immediately.

    All Necessary Cables Included Free
    Your new array ships with all the cables and accessories you will need to get up and running. This typically includes both analog (VGA) and digital (DVI) video cables for each panel, a power cable for each panel and a lint-free microfiber cloth to help you keep your array looking clean and new.

    Expert Support
    CineMassive Displays technician are the multi monitor experts. With systems deployed in environment ranging from home users all the way up to command and control environments, our expertise is broad and deep. We are committed to your satisfaction throughout the course of your ownership. Every purchase includes telephone support and on-demand remote support that allows a CineMassive technician or account manager to remotely connect to, view and control your PC. On-demand Remote Support Sessions are by far the most convenient and efficient method for resolving many technical issues.

    Multi-Monitor Productivity
    Extensive 3rd party research has consistently demonstrated that using a multi-screen display will increase productivity, reduce errors, enhance multi-tasking. The productivity gains are consistent across every usage scenario and user profile evaluated. Studies suggest that using a multi-monitor display can increase productivity 20%-40%. If you value your productivity at $50,000 per year and achieve just a 10% greater efficiency, then your productivity gains will pay for the entire CineMassive array within a matter of weeks!

    International Sales
    CineMassive customers span the globe. All orders ship internationally from our US distribution center and can be dispatched using your preferred courier. All CineMassive arrays include an internationally compliant power supply. Country-specific power cables are available upon request.

    Flexible Payment Options
    Purchasing from CineMassive Displays is easy. Our corporate, government and military customers can apply for net 30 terms. We also accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and wire transfers.

    Free Compatibility Check
    Our 100% money-back compatibility guarantee is based on our ability to provide our customers with expert level multi monitor technical presale assistance. This typically takes the form of an over-the-phone conversation with your account manager during which we will discuss the technical and application-specific compatibility circumstances relevant to the integration of your preferred array with your current laptop or desktop computer. This free consultation allows you to access our years of multi monitor system integration experience in order to answer any questions or concerns you may have. This process allows us to serve the unique needs and circumstances of any customer whether you're an individual or institutional buyer. Call now at 1.800.792.5975 if you'd like to begin working with a CineMassive multi monitor display specialist now.

    Extensive Mount Options
    CineMassive multi-monitor displays can be integrated into an incredible variety of workplace environments. Any CineMassive display can be wall mounted, desk mounted, grommet mounted, flex-arm mounted or slat-wall mounted. All of our arrays also allow you to independently pivot, tilt and swivel and even rotate each panel on your array. Please visit the Mount Options portion of this product's information portal to explore pricing and detailed implementation options.